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About Block Paving

As block paving is a manufactured product it also means that it is uniformed and well suited for its practical use

Aesthetically Pleasing to the eye

Weatherproof - it is able to withstand our changeable weather

Able to withstand the wear and tear of vehicles

Very Durable

Available in different sizes, shape , colour and design

Enhances any property, and may even add value to your property

Long lasting

Requires little maintenance

Should any of the blocks become damaged or oil stained, they can be replaced without lifting the whole driveway

Block Paving Services

We install New Driveways using traditional Block Paving Methods, Designs and Layouts.

Our range of block pavers are very versatile and durable and can be used in a variety of applications.
Block Paving is commonly used to create great looking driveways and garden paths.
Block Pavers are also used as decorative elements around features (ie Tarmacadam Drives) or between paving areas.

 We offer a good variety of layouts, styles and colours.

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We lay all types of paths using Block Paving Products.

We lay all types of  paths, as  you request.   Any location on your own property (garden paths included).

We believe that garden paths should look great, link, lead and lure as well as being practical and functional.

Garden paths installed, also to front, side and rear of property.

We lay bespoke patios using block paving designs and layouts.

Carefully thought-out patio areas can match your garden pathways producing a striking a balance between style, seamlessly linking areas if your garden, house and outbuildings.  All whilst also blending with the existing design and materials.

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  Free: 0800 1910584

Call us if your driveway is looking tired, old or damaged.

Cleaning Service

Dirt, debris, moss and even weeds will make the driveway unsightly.

We offer a cleaning service that will bring your driveway, path or patio back to its former glory.

We tackle the weeds and then thoroughly clean the driveway.

We can also offer a sand and seal service

Even after cleaning the block pave driveway, it still retains some of the kiln dried sand, however, it will benefit from having a top-up service of brushing new kiln dried sand into the joints of the block pavers.

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