• Remove Old DriveBefore
  • Lay New Basecompact and Level
  • Ground PrepAnd Level
  • Lay TarmacCompress Surface
  • Lay DriveBlock Pave Edge
  • NEW DRIVEWAYCompleted
Remove Old Drive1 Lay New Base2 Ground Prep3 Lay Tarmac4 Lay Drive5 NEW DRIVEWAY6

Tarmacadam Driveways, Paths and Repairs

About Tarmacadam

We provide many different tarmacadam services to both residential and commercial properties.

Our experienced workforce install, and also repair and upgrade tarmacadam driveways.

Tarmacadam is a strong, durable and easy to maintain product.

It is used for driveways, paths as well as for road surfacing.

Tarmac Services

Standard Tarmacadam driveways typically come with discrete concrete edging, but this can be rather easily replaced with block paving. This helps outline your tarmacadam driveway and provide it with extra stability.

There are a variety of edgings to choose from and block pave provides a wide choice of colours, shapes and sizes to choose from.

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The existing area is dug out to a specific depth, in order to handle vehicles to drive or park on it. Hard core is laid, leveled and impacted. Sharp sand is laid, leveled and impacted. Edgings and any drainage that is required is installed.

Call us if you need pot holes fixing.  Tarmacadam is renown for its durability and strong surfaces.  However, over a long period of time, taking consideration of the vehicles moving and parking on the surfaces and the weather conditions, eventually there may be signs of wear and tear.  Any damaged areas, cracks or holes can be filled in. The driveway can also be resurfaced or brought back to its former glory with a restorative solution.  Contact us for more information. 

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Overtime, Tarmac driveways, and paths, will need some maintenance. 

The weather eventually takes its toll on all surfaces, rain finds any wear and tear to settle and cause damage, whereas algae, and moss collect and spread on a surface. 

To prolong and protect your driveway or patio surface so it will last longer get it professionally cleaned. Algae and moss tend to make surfaces more slippery in wet weather so it can be a safety issue too.  Our cleaning techniques remove all the algae and moss from the surface to ensure a longer lasting surface, as well as improving the aesthetically pleasing look of your driveway.

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